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Beginner Guitar Tuner APK is a free app listed in Tools Apps. It is very easy to install Beginner Guitar Tuner app on yo

🔊 Beginner Guitar Tuner isn’t just a guitar tuner. It’s a precise, responsive and easy to use chromatic tuner that will suit all your needs. You can fine-tune your guitar, bass, ukulele or mandolin in seconds thanks to your mobile phone.

Beginner Guitar Tuner works by analyzing the signal from your smartphone’s mic. It will work with any electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or any other string instrument you want with no cable needed. The interface will show you in real-time if you are too sharp or too flat, and react to every changes you make. It’s the perfect guitar tuner for beginners and pros alike.

• Easy to use interface
The interface is simple, intuitive and realtime, making it easy for complete beginners to start tuning your instrument

• Super accurate
You won’t have to worry about being properly in tune with our professional precision suited for the most advanced players

• Autotuning mode
String detection will allow you to tune your instrument quickly without having to fiddle with your smartphone

• Chromatic mode
A chromatic mode is available for any tunings or instrument not included in our basic guitar tuner

• 100 tunings included
You’ll get access to more than 100 different tunings, including standard tuning, drop tunings, open tunings and much more (see the full list below)

• Works on any string instrument
You can use this tuner with any string instrument you want, including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and much more

• Don’t play, listen
High quality samples will let you listen to every string you want to tune, that way you can train your ear as well

• Change the reference frequency
You can set the A4 frequency to any value you want between 420Hz and 460Hz. Perfect for 432Hz tuning

• Tutorial included
A tutorial with pictures is included to help you use the tuner if you’re a beginner

🎵Enjoy and stay tuned !🎵

Complete list of available tunings
✔️Six-string guitar tuner: Standard, Half-step down, Whole-step down, 1 and 1/2 step down, Two step down, Drop D, Double drop D, Drop C, Drop B, Open D, Open D minor, Modal D, Modal C, Modified Modal C, Modal C6, Open G, Open G minor, Modal G, Open C, Open C minor, Open A, All fourths
✔️Seven-string guitar tuner: Standard, Half-step down, Whole-step down, Drop A, Drop G, Open C, Choro, Russian, All thirds
✔️Four-string bass tuner: Standard, Half-step down, Whole-step down, Drop D, Piccolo, All fifths
✔️Five-string bass tuner: Standard, Half-step down, Whole-step down, Drop D, Drop A, High C, High C Drop D
✔️Six-string bass tuner: Standard, Guitar-like, Half-step down, Whole-step down
✔️Ukulele tuner: Standard, Baritone, Slack-key, D tuning, Low A, Low G
✔️Charango tuner: Stnadard, Half-step down, Whole-step down
✔️Balalaika tuner: Standard, Guitar, Piccolo, Secondo, Alto, Bass, Contrabass
✔️Mandolin tuner: Standard, Cajon, GDAD, Cross tuning, Cross tuning 2, High bass, Calico (Open A), Open G
✔️Five-string banjo tuner: Standard, Double C, Drop C, Modal G, Open D
✔️Four-string banjo tuner: Standard, Chicago, Tenor all-fifth
✔️As well as a violin tuner for the whole string family (violin, viola, cello and contrabass)

Please be careful!
If you’ve never used an electronic tuner before, it’s recommended that you watch some tutorials on youtube first (some tutorials will be included in the app in a future release). If used improperly you risk breaking strings on your instrument and that would make us feel bad 🙁

Send us feedback
If you have any feedback, questions, or if you think some tunings or instruments are missing and would like to see them added, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Download APK(v2.15.2)

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