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DescriptionAll of us have our privacies nowadays, the privacy that we don’t want somebody else to tuck into. Therefore,


All of us have our privacies nowadays, the privacy that we don’t want somebody else to tuck into. Therefore, to protect our android user’s privacy from the people who get to see their smartphones we have brought up the Secure folder apk today.

This app contains all those incredible features which will enable users to encrypt their private folders which specifically contain their family moments, just to hide that from the rest of the public who get to see their mobile phones. Along with that, the secure folder apk contains many more features that protect users’ privacy in several ways.

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What is secure folder apk?Additional features:Key features:Key features before you download secure folder apk:Is it safe to use?How to download and install secure folder apk?Pros and cons of this app:Conclusion:
What is secure folder apk?

Secure folder apk is nothing other than a simple android application however its amazing features that allow users to secure their private data are quite valuable in the market. Doesn’t matter whether you want to hide your family pictures, videos, business documents, folders, contact, browsing history or any other thing that you believe must remain private from your friends or anybody who can comfortably access your mobile phones can be secured by this app. Along with that, it offers customizable settings which enable users to adjust everything over here according to their needs and wants.

Additional features:

Are you afraid of handing your mobile over to your friends due to privacy issues? Then relax and download the secure folder apk and get to know what amazing features it has brought to your smartphones. It allows users to hide all their family pictures and media or any other media file that they consider must remain private from other people’s eyes because it might contain some secret data. Along with that, if you save your working files or business files to your smartphones and don’t want your family or anybody else to know that, you can also take care of that by importing it into this app.

More than that it allows users to do private browning via utilizing a secure folder apk which will not save history or cache files so users can remain clean-handed. Even if users want to hide any friend from their social media accounts such as from telegram, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchat, it’s also possible via the access of this app without any restrictions. Plus, if you wanna find out who stalks you or check your mobile information due to any suspect you can turn on the option of an intruder selfie which will take a selfie of that person whenever he tries to access your data.

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The best thing is as most people prefer online banking whereby they attach confidential information with their mobiles such as credit/ debit card numbers which secure folder apk can protect all the time. Furthermore, there are customizable settings that allow users to change their passwords, attach finger locks, add camera icons to the desktop, etc. More than that, this app gives some alerts to users so users can turn on the vibrator option from the app settings to get notified whenever any new alert comes up. Lastly, it has a friendly GUI that won’t let users stumble anywhere while using this.

Key features:

Hide your gallery data from strangers or whosoever uses your mobile.
This app works as a private locker and secures users’ confidential data in a separate tab.
Secret notes help users to create a private, encrypted space on this vault.
Secure your contacts with this app.
It even provides users access to a private browser.
Allows users to hide their bank details and credit/ debit card details.
Social media friends can also be hidden by this app.
The customizable settings feature allows users to change the app settings anytime.
The intruder selfie feature will help users detect the person who tries to access their confidential data.

Key features before you download secure folder apk:

Protect your privacy.
Available for free to download and use.
Has a friendly and interesting GUI.
Easy and simple to use.
No registration is needed.
Works with android version 7 and so on.
Features some third-party ads.
And many more discoverable features.

Is it safe to use?

Since we don’t share any copyright claim with the official developers of the secure folder apk, thus we can’t guarantee its safety. However, we have got it installed into multiple of our android devices and haven’t got to experience any kind of virus or error that could enter our device with it. We expect that it works in the same manner for each and every person who gets to download this app from any third-party site at his/ her own risk. Furthermore, its availability on the Google play store provides users with valuable reviews that can be really helpful.

How to download and install secure folder apk?

If you struggle with making installation of apps that are downloaded from any third-party sites, then you must follow the instructions mentioned below.

Download secure folder apk from this page.
Once downloaded, then tap over your installation package.
Then, choose “allow app from external sources” from the device settings.
Tap on the install button when the dialogue box appears.
Wait until the green line is fully seeded, then hit Ok.
Now, you are good to go exploring this app.

Pros and cons of this app:


Since it’s available on the Google play store thus it’s a verified app and protected from any ransomware that may steal users’ confidential data on purpose.
Already available reviews of this app will help users to find out other people’s experiences with this app
Since it will be automatically updated, thus it will save the user’s time which can be used somewhere else.
Its availability on the google play store will require users to write a detailed review of this app that some people may find a painful task.
Plus, if you are running low on storage then installing this app from the Google play store may enable the auto-update feature which will dramatically fill the user’s device storage.


After exploring all the features by our hands of the secure folder apk, we tried to shape our visual experience into an informative article, so our readers may get benefited from it. Still, if you believe that we have missed out on some crucial points then don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section mentioned below.

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